Nurturing The Body Feels Really Good!

by Laura

After  ignoring my body for so many months, the tender stretches I performed this morning while doing my third day of Yoga practice, brought me to tears. I knew I had positively reconnected with the will to get well, and the will to love my body again. Although I have a very long way to go, I am feeling better and better every day. The nutritional changes that I have made are making a difference in such a way that I have lost my desire to consume the things that don’t serve and nurture my body.

Do you know what it’s like to completely disconnect from your body because you are so angry at it? This is very common for people with a chronic condition. Our body becomes a “thing” for a time, and we want to almost rebel against it, because it’s done us so wrong! Some of us punish our bodies and continue to do the things that are completely contrary to getting well, because we’re so disgusted with years, and years, and years of the same old, same old…what does it matter after all? Of course that totally faulty thinking, as every fibromyalgia or autoimmune patient knows.Many patients are compliant from day 1, and I envy their patience! 

Conversely, why would perfectly healthy people destroy their God given healthy body, by risking heart disease, cancer, and diabetes (smoking, drugs, overeating, excessive drinking etc) ? That IS something to chew on!

So while I was bent forward in a seated Yoga pose today with my arms crossed as if to hug myself, it came over me..I am caring for this body, and it felt SO GOOD. It may seem simple or elementary, but after the weakness and depression I have experienced this is a big deal! Every meal of  healthy food I put in my mouth is loving my body. Every supplement I take, and litre of water I drink that continues to flush the toxins is loving this body. As I do these things, the desire to punish my body is leaving. I no longer want diet coke! That’s HUGE for me. Those chemicals alone were killing me.

I am the only one who will take charge of this body, as I am the owner of it, and if I don’t who will? I needed some nudging from a loved one, as some people do. Sometimes we just get stuck in the mud and tire keeps spinning so to speak! My husband  and hero was the one who got the car out of the mud and on the road to healing again. I had a profound awakening of gratitude for him. If I am to be around for those I love, I must take much better care of:

  • My Body
  • My Mind
  • My Spirit

I got the message! Nurturing thy self feels Oh So Good!


Creative Commons License photo credit: Nicholas_T

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