New Hope

by Laura

Hope is a feeling of POSSIBILITY. The door is open and the LIGHT is here! I feel JOY, celebration and warmth and wanted to share it with YOU . I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time, and am thankful for the simplest things… like little grandchildren staying in our home, loving family to share a meal and a prayer around our table each night, a new FM medication (Savella) that is actually working, and my teenage daughter getting a new job .  The most marked improvement I feel is SPIRITUALLY, as it relates to many long months of the darkness of DEPRESSION. I feel the SPIRIT, and have a distinct sense of comfort again from God.  If you suffer from depression you know what I am talking about. 

I wish this same joy and HOPE for you.  Open yourself up to the possibility of NEW HOPE in your life! Life can change very quickly…be ready! 

“I offer you peace. I 
offer you love. I offer 
you friendship. I see 
your beauty. I hear 
your need. I feel your 
feelings. My wisdom 
flows from the Highest 
Source. I salute that 
Source in you. Let us 
work together for unity 
and love.” ~ Mahatma 


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