Featured Blog of The Week: A New Regular Section

by Laura


I have found some incredible people in my journey to reach out for support with fibromyalgia, and share gratitude for my life..

Each week I will feature a favorite blog that I have connected with.

Here’s what I have found  – the blog can have any, a few, or all of these qualities:

The MORE The Better For You The Visitor!

  • A selfless goal to provide clear, complete information
  • A positive focus
  • An open heart
  • A unconditional loving presence
  • Resources to help a chronic feel better, live better, sleep better
  • An honest voice
  • Something unique that no other blog has
  • A way for other people to connect & share
  • High value content

A List will be compliled and provided as a resource for future reference.

This week’s Featured Blog: Nip Pain in The Bud & Let Your Soul Blossom!


Shannon’s blog is about living a joyful life despite chronic pain: by being educated on your pain condition, becoming a smart patient, finding inspiration, and then opening yourself up & finding creative ways to experience life.

A weekly feature on Shannon’s blog will be“Tuesday-Newsday” which is a selection of news articles about specific pain conditions. Shannon’s goal is to post at least twice a week ( pain permitting, of course) on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please join her!

I was very impressed with the research on this blog and up to date medical information. Shannon has a very positive and honest voice about her own condition, and is a pleasure to read.

I’d really and truly love to read your comments, as would the bloggers!


Your Friend,


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