An Eternal New Beginning For My Mother

by Laura

The past two weeks have been very emotional ones for me and my family. My 92 year old beautiful mother was diagnosed with “metastasis of unknown origin” and passed away on December 20, 2011. She was a very classy, sharp, and youthful woman, who lived life to the fullest and touched many lives. My mother was a professional woman, with a journalism degree from USC, who loved to study many things, including astrology. She plotted charts for people on her Apple computer back in the 70’s when NO ONE had a home computer, or knew who Steve Jobs was. She loved metaphysics, world religions, poetry, art, french cooking and culture of all kinds.My father and she started the first color photographic lab in Hollywood in the 50’s which became a very large and successful company servicing Aerospace, Advertising and professional photographers nationwide.

She loved being a grandmother, spending every day with me when my 3 children were little and grew older. My oldest daughter is especially close. Those years are some of the fondest memories I hold, because I got to spend so much time with her as she was “Granny” to my kids.

My mom lived in pain for much of her adult life. She had a severe back problem, which was complicated by surgery, scoliosis and failed “hardware” that was inserted in her spine years ago. Living in pain was simply part of her everyday life. All the while, she went on with a smile and most everyone knew nothing of it. Such is how we live with fibromyalgia.

When I moved to Salt Lake City, my mom living with me was out of the question, as she has lived in California her entire life.I am extremely grateful that my mother was able to live with my sister for the past 5 years and be cared for in the best way possible. She was able to avoid a nursing home entirely, which I will never be able to repay my sister enough for all she did.

As she got much older, she would tell me that she did not fear death, but welcomed the relief from her pain when the time came, as well as being in the spirit world. She had a clear conviction that she would be near me, my sister and our kids every day, and I feel it as I write this. As she went through the final two weeks of her life her cancer pain was horrific, and I hated to see her go through that, but was so very grateful that I could be by her bedside, taking care of her all the way to the end. I held her hand as she took her precious last breathe, and saw many visions of her joyously walking into the light joining my dad, her parents, and all her relatives and friends. She was very close to Jesus, and knew without a doubt he was with her throughout her life at all times, and always reminded me, when I needed to remember I am not the one ultimately at the wheel.

Jacqueline is on a new beautiful journey, and though I will miss her, I am so excited for her. She is free of pain, and dancing on the eternal dance floor!!

I love you mom.



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