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by Laura

I was directed to an angel of sorts today. She’s a wealth of support, knowledge, compassion, and firsthand fibromyalgia experience.

Her name is Tami Stackelhouse

Twitter handle: @tamicat

Featured Blog: MyRestoredHealth.com/blog

Website: MyRestoredHealth.com

Tami is a certified Health Coach with an emphasis on nutrition and weight loss.

I get very clearly from reading her site that she works with each woman individually to assess what her needs are, and taylors a program accordingly.

Just some of the topics recently covered (and there are a wide variety):

Tami’s personal story is very inspiring, and one that most of us can relate to. I for one began to tear up when she honestly spoke of her mono symptoms in the 8th grade (been there), her exhaustion at her job (how many can relate too??) and how her amazing husband rode in on a white horse and saved her. Yay!!
I encourage you to go to Tami’s site and get to know her. Follow her on Twitter, and ReTweet some of her inspiring and informative blog posts/tweets to your friends!
If you are fortunate enough to connect with an authentic and special blogger such as Tami Stackelhouse, someone you clearly sense is on your side…get to know them! They have no agenda but to be there for your well being, health and support and as a caring influence in the world.
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