Acid – Oxidation and Stress

by Laura

Did you know that high acidity levels in your body can lead to chronic pain, disease and illness? Acid is bombarding us from everywhere-polluted air, exposure to chemicals, negative thoughts and emotions, refined sugar, processed foods, dyes, hormones in meats, just to name a few. So it’s important that we counteract those acidity levels with proper alkalinity to achieve a balanced pH level. There are several sound and simple ways to do this. Alkalizing the body can be achieved through diet, or even more simply drinking alkalized, ionized water.

Most people are unaware that they have large amounts of acid forming in their system, aside from the hydrochloric acid which helps to digest our food, a very necessary good acid. A delicate pH balancing act goes on in our bodies requiring an exact number on the pH scale (7.35) for our blood to keep up alive. If the body is too acidic, nutrients are not able to be transported properly, cells can be starved of needed oxygen, and a chain of events can result in disease. Disease actually thrives in an acidic environment, and conversely, cannot live in an alkaline environment.


There is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days! That’s oxidation. An anti-oxidant is simply a molecule that can fight an oxidant or free radical which is an unstable, very damaging molecule to your cells. Did you know that your body can produce plenty of its own antioxidants when given the proper environment? Our body is a perfect machine! When the unstable molecules are replaced with the right kind of stable molecules, homeostasis occurs.

Antioxidants fight oxidation and keep your cells healthy. So with both antioxidants and properly balanced alkalinity levels, your body is able to achieve a natural state of balance on its own. Isn’t that great?

Dehydration & Stress

Stress and Depression is one of the leading causes of illness in our country. Ten million Americans are suffering from some form of stress, anxiety or depression and many more will experience a milder form of depression some time in their lives. It appears in today’s society everyone experiences stress in one form or another. Depression often leads to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and even Fibromyalgia.

There is a direct relationship between stress/depression to the circulation of water/fluids/blood in the tissue and cells located in your brain (blood is comprised of 90% water).

“The brain uses electrical energy that is generated by the water-drive of the energy-generating pumps. With dehydration, the level of energy generation in the brain is decreased. Many functions of the brain then depend on this type of energy become inefficient. We recognize this inadequacy of function and call it depression. The depressive state is caused by dehydration and can lead to Fibromyalgia”

(Your Body’s many cries for water – F. Batmangheledj

So it would make perfect sense that if we can reduce the amount of acidity in the body and increase the amount of alkalinity, we could see great benefit. Change the cellular environment and change the course of the life the cell is living forever!! I have heard it said that  “We live and die at the cellular level”, and it really is a true statement. If your cells are not suspended in the proper environment, it’s like a dirty, polluted fish tank in your body, that never gets cleaned. What happens to the fish when a fish tank does not get cleaned. The fish keep pooping in the water until it cuts off their oxygen, and they die. Think about it.

It’s a simple fix. Cleanse the system of the acidic waste, remove the oxidation damage, and replace with a super high antioxidant rich water in large amounts. The Japanese have subscribed to this theory for over 45 years and they are some of the healthiest people in the world, with the highest number of people living to over 100.  Watch this video to see a demonstration on acidity. If you’d like to learn more click here for more information to be sent to you. When we connect you’ll learn what removing acidic waste has done for my health. It’s made the biggest change of everything I’ve done, and nothing has reduced my pain more.

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