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It is my intention to embrace a joyful, peaceful, healthy life, being as honest as I can possibly be to my readers.  I am openly sharing my lifelong challenges with chronic pain, anxiety & depression with the intention of reaching out to others who might relate. My hope is to share experiences and tell my story as openly as I can, while also providing some things I’ve learned along the way while empowering you to LIVE WELL, think in an unlimited way, with an open heart.

About 25 years ago I was told I would be in a wheelchair with chronic progressive MS ( turned out a misdiagnosis) and have spent many years feeding my mind with positive, uplifting thoughts that I truly believe have had a huge positive effect on my body. The mindset I took early on in my diagnoses helped shape how I have live ever since, and I truly believe kept me pretty well in the scope of things.

At that time I was put on medication and if I had to do it over I would have tried to go all natural.  I believe meds have hurt me in the long run. I have lived relatively well all these years, by finding what worked for ME. I learned a combination of holistic & medical things to manage my pain and get through life, and be an active mother with 3 children and a  busy, successful  home based business.

I  learned to feed my body nutritionally through trial and error, and living as my mom had taught me growing up. It’s more error (SUGAR-a no-no for pain) than Id like to admit, but I think I’m finally in the zone now, and understand what it takes to maintain no pain or very little, as well as good energy.

Staying away from sugar however has not been so easy. Craving it in fact has been almost like an addiction. It turns out that Candida in the body of most people with Autoimmune problems, have this sugar loving beast.  I will share how I finally tamed this beast, and unlocked the key to my Fibromyalgia pain… and weight management.

Stick around and I will share it all. 

I appreciate each stepping stone that has led me to the next in my life.  I have 3 amazing children, and a grandson I cherish so dearly, 3 step children, and 4 more grandchildren with them. I am married to the most wonderful man I could ever ask for, and together we have worked from home for the past 13 years.  Larry and I discovered we had the same dream when we met and we live it together. We own our time, which allows us to travel, and me to blog and connect with you on social media.

It has been a “Grateful Road” I have traveled, and I continue to walk it with my loved ones. I am writing this blog as a journal of self discovery, wellness empowerment FOR YOU and emotional truth. If it feels right to you, Please come along.

Laura Morris


Larry,Me & Kids


                                                   My Kids..Rachel 15  Nathan 24  Shanna 28

 Amanda, Kaila, Bryton, Rachel,McKenzie, Jayden

“Camping Trip”



Step Daughter Amanda, Kaila 8, Bryton 7, Rachel 16, McKenzie 4, Jayden 6







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