A simple lesson that my dear mother taught me years ago, proved itself quite well recently. The most beautiful part was that it was proven through the person who taught it to me!! My mom always said:

“The surest way to feel better when you are depressed is to take the focus off yourself and put it on someone in need of help..You’ll quickly forget your own problems, and remember that you play a larger role in the world, that can make a significant difference”


Growing up I remember my mom telling me to help others and stop focusing on myself and my needs, as young people normally do. Kids are the center of their own universe, and if we are not careful, even adults can be as well. I admit that I fought the demon of this self focus “living in a bubble” like attitude, as an adult, but only when in a depressed state. Depression can be like a snake that tightly wraps itself around you, and isolation is the tendency that accompanies this snake’s habitat. When we are down, blue, emotional and even sad, the last thing we want to do is reach out to others in any way, much less offer them assistance. From my own personal experience I can tell you I confuse my loved ones, family and friends as I need their love and support at that time the most…yet I push it away.

Life has away of offering lessons, or healing opportunities, whether we are ready, open or even willing to accept them. Just before Christmas, I got a call that my mother was suddenly very ill, and would most likely pass away within a few weeks. My own welfare completely went out the window at that point. All that mattered was getting to California to be by my mother’s bedside. Though in pain, I could hear my mother’s voice telling me “it’s time to take the focus off yourself, and be of service to someone in need”…and that I did.

My daughter and I got on the next plane and got to her granny right away. For the next two weeks we took 3 hour shifts during the night, administering morphine to her, and never leaving her side. The energy I needed was simply there as I called upon it, and has been ever since. I seem to have a renewed strength, attitude and outlook. You just never know what experience will pull you out of the dullness, and into the brilliance of regular everyday life, with all its glorious simplicity. I am grateful for this lesson, and thank my mom for teaching me something so powerful.

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A dear friend gave me a very needed “kick in the pants” over the weekend, in a most loving way. He shared with me a simple course correction that I could make in my approach to life that would have a significant effect on my happiness. It was so impactful that it touched me emotionally. slapped me between the ears and upside the head actually! That’s the mark of TRUTH lazering in on the SOUL. I remembered that this same friend had forwarded this very special article by Dave Saunders to me, and thought , “I have read this information many times and I must not have been ready to “get it AGAIN”…just when I needed to apply it most! So I decided to post this special article adding what I like to call “FORMULA FOR BREAKTHROUGH”…..entitled:

BE-DO-HAVE  By Dave Saunders

I reached a point where I had done well, but had hit a plateau.  I wanted more.  I wanted to build my business more successfully, and I wanted to continue growing.  I asked a trusted mentor what to do.  His response: “Be Do Have.”

I had heard this lesson before.  In fact, I had heard it from more than one person.  And it wasn’t the response that I was looking for.  I wanted to know what to do!  I wanted him to tell me what to do so I could go work hard and create explosive growth in my business.  I was willing to work hard—really hard.  In fact, I was willing to work harder and do more than anyone else.  Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

I decided to take a breath and be a bit more receptive.  “Okay,” I said, “tell me how Be Do Have is going to build my business.  Although the truth is, what I really want to know is just what to DO.” [click to continue…]


This week’s  Guest Blogger Shanna Maretsky,  is my beautiful daughter! She is a mother of a 5 year old son Hunter, and is a full time college student in the field of Respiratory Therapy, graduating in February 2011. Shanna has endured many obstacles as well as personal triumphs as a single mom, mastering The Law of Attraction. At a very young age she showed a keen knack for creative writing. I am excited to have her as a guest blogger from time to time because her life seems to be in “FLOW” at the moment! She is attracting magic and miracles, and our readers will find interest in her travels!  Shanna has tremendous vision, creativity, courage and determination to succeed in her life.

The month of September is SERVICE MONTH,  and just under the wire we wanted to devote this article to the concept of Service.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mohandas Gandhi

By Shanna Maretsky

Most of us are very fortunate. Though we can easily get caught up in the daily struggles of our own lives and families, we truly have so much to be grateful for. It’s when we can think beyond ourselves and show compassion for others that we really can share the gifts of our abundance.

The simple act of volunteering and reaching out in the community is a remarkable way to see how much value each of us has to contribute when we put our minds to it. If everyone made a conscious effort to regularly make a difference in the lives of others the world would be a much more harmonious place.

Today I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty and work with the amazing employees of Home Depot who volunteered their time, materials and labor to landscape the YWCA of Salt Lake City. In a few short hours, Team Depot was able to create beautiful gardens and grassy areas for the families who call the shelters at the YWCA home. The response from the facility and its residents was so immensely gratifying.

It’s in those moments that we forget about ourselves, and apply our energy with such a positive strength that nothing but goodness comes from it. Plants and flowers embedded in the earth will serve as continual reminders to pay our gratitude forward and spread beauty throughout our lives.

True fortune isn’t a dollar amount in a bank account; it’s the feelings of abundance that grow from gratitude, joy and compassion.

We have the choice to shine our light of compassion today and everyday. No matter how you choose to do it, you will only be adding good to the world.


I have been spending  some time the past week studying “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks - The Teachings Of Abraham. What I am confirming in my mind very quickly is that we are all vibrational beings, attracting to us that which is vibrating at the same frequency of our desire emotionally. As we see the pictures in our mind of our desires, they create an emotional frequency, and the more we concentrate on them, the stronger the attraction frequency becomes. It’s like an emotionally charged, vibrational magnet, and you can’t stop it if you try. Your desires are in motion, and come to you naturally and easily.

Conversely, if you are emitting negative emotions, thoughts and words, this is resistance. It puts a roadblock in the way of your desires. Abraham calls it “paddling the boat upstream” against the current! But imagine “turning your boat around” and ALLOWING YOURSELF TO FLOW downstream….what could happen? See the pictures of your desires in your mind regularly, with added positive emotional frequency. The results are magical, and what can be almost TURBO SPEED to the degree that you wonder why the heck you were wasting so much time “paddling upstream”!! [click to continue…]


A good friend of mine always says…

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up someplace else!”

  • Decide what you want
  • Have a Map so you know where you are going
  • Write it down and be SPECIFIC
  • Make it emotionally doable, CHUNK it down into bite sizes
  • Carry it around with you, and READ IT at least 3 times a day.


My mind is a center of divine operation.  The divine operation is always for expansion and further expression and that means the production of something beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in past experience though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence of events.  Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature it must operate in the same manner in me.  Consequently, in my special world, of which I am the center, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before. By Thomas Troward

A dear friend shared the previous statement with Larry and I recently. He says that he reads it every morning and has been able to manifest almost everything he desires and beyond his wildest dreams. He is very successful in every area of his life and he credits The Law Of Attraction and the book: The Science of Getting Rich. Take in the words and perhaps even jot down what they mean to you. If it hits you the way it hit me, it will forever alter your life for good. If you have something to offer as a comment please share with our readers, as it will expand the gift of this statement. If you like this statement please syndicate it so others can be impacted as much as we are!

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.

Henry David Thoreau

I found this picture of this iceberg, and it made me think about our vast potential. Ask yourself, honestly, Am I living up to my potential? Am I keeping my word to myself? What would my life look like if I began to capture what was below the surface, in the POWER OF MY MIND? Taking an honest self evaluation every quarter (and we are just starting the last one of the 2010) is very productive for not only yourself, but it can be very productive to get together with your team, and even family and go over expectations and goals for the end of the year together. One thing is certain. We can all GROW BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS…and SET OUR GOALS MUCH HIGHER. There are millions of wonderful words in the english language, and there are those time when we read a piece so moving… when someone will put words together in such a way that they are so perfect, not much more needs to be said. They stand on their own for their beauty, depth and wisdom. The statement at the top of this post is such a statement, as are the following from The Science of Getting Rich:

Summary of Science Of Getting Rich pdf

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