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When you have Fibro and Chronic Pain  like we do, you’re always in search of inspiration and resources right? Felicia is someone who took her “illness” on with an attitude of self empowerment that I related to immediately. We always have a CHOICE each moment as to how we are going to respond, react and deal with what life is handing us, and that especially goes for being in PAIN.

I love what Felicia says on her blog :

“Giving up on the joys of life is simply not an option that I see. I have found it somewhat hard to find first hand accounts about fibromyalgia that are positive in nature. Sure, there are some articles out there in Fibromyalgia Aware (was later discontinued) and Arthritis Today, but I like the instant gratification of online info. I hope you will find the personal accounts, tips and information that I share to be positive and helpful.

Although my main focus is to help others with fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions, I also hope to raise awareness. The more awareness there is, the more understanding and empathy from others, research and solutions will come. I have seen the impact on these in the last decade and it gives me great hope for what the future will hold! So, join me on my quest to live a happy, successful life with minimal pain!”

This is exactly how I hope to help you as well. I want to bring awareness, but empower you to seek out the truth, and fierce zest for life, even if we do have fibromyalgia!

I LOVE this about FeliciaFibro, and want to thank her for her tireless efforts to inform us, and provide resources to the Arthritis and Chronic communities..Spoonies Unite!!

Make sure you go and check out this amazing blog, and take advantage of all Felicia has to share.

We Love You Felicia!


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I was directed to an angel of sorts today. She’s a wealth of support, knowledge, compassion, and firsthand fibromyalgia experience.

Her name is Tami Stackelhouse

Twitter handle: @tamicat

Featured Blog: MyRestoredHealth.com/blog

Website: MyRestoredHealth.com

Tami is a certified Health Coach with an emphasis on nutrition and weight loss.

I get very clearly from reading her site that she works with each woman individually to assess what her needs are, and taylors a program accordingly.

Just some of the topics recently covered (and there are a wide variety):

Tami’s personal story is very inspiring, and one that most of us can relate to. I for one began to tear up when she honestly spoke of her mono symptoms in the 8th grade (been there), her exhaustion at her job (how many can relate too??) and how her amazing husband rode in on a white horse and saved her. Yay!!
I encourage you to go to Tami’s site and get to know her. Follow her on Twitter, and ReTweet some of her inspiring and informative blog posts/tweets to your friends!
If you are fortunate enough to connect with an authentic and special blogger such as Tami Stackelhouse, someone you clearly sense is on your side…get to know them! They have no agenda but to be there for your well being, health and support and as a caring influence in the world.


I am extremely excited to talk about my featured blog of the week, Oh My Aches and Pains! Selena, its  author shines as a strong woman with a very sensitive and witty tone, that warms and informs! Selena knows pain all too well, as not only a leukemia cancer survivor, but all the residual issues that ensued as a result. You can read all about it on her about page here. You can find lots of great posts about living with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue as well as Hepatitis C, dysautonomia, diabetes, and other aspects of chronic illness. Oh My Aches and Pains! is a pleasure to visit and read each time I am there, and I know you’ll find warmth and comfort as well as education from this delightful blog.

In addition to stories that relate to many subjects, you can find resources for living, and support; very key to daily success with a chronic condition.

One of the reasons I featured Oh My Aches and Pains this particular week, is to direct you to an important, very personal yet thought provoking post  entitled “:

Beyond Pink Ribbons:
What I Did Yesterday To Prevent Breast Cancer

Selena talks very candidly about medical testing, and providing vital information for medical science to advance to help find cures for cancers.

It’s so interesting to me that this is the week I scheduled a mammogram! Here I go to read Selena’s blog and what does she discuss? The importance of yearly mammograms and an organization called The Athena Breast Health Network Their website reads:  “We are women, physicians, and researchers building a more personalized solution for breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. Your story holds the cure.”

I hope you enjoy this great Featured Blog of The Week and connect with Selena on Twitter and Facebook as well!



I have found some incredible people in my journey to reach out for support with fibromyalgia, and share gratitude for my life..

Each week I will feature a favorite blog that I have connected with.

Here’s what I have found  – the blog can have any, a few, or all of these qualities:

The MORE The Better For You The Visitor!

  • A selfless goal to provide clear, complete information
  • A positive focus
  • An open heart
  • A unconditional loving presence
  • Resources to help a chronic feel better, live better, sleep better
  • An honest voice
  • Something unique that no other blog has
  • A way for other people to connect & share
  • High value content

A List will be compliled and provided as a resource for future reference.

This week’s Featured Blog: Nip Pain in The Bud & Let Your Soul Blossom!


Shannon’s blog is about living a joyful life despite chronic pain: by being educated on your pain condition, becoming a smart patient, finding inspiration, and then opening yourself up & finding creative ways to experience life.

A weekly feature on Shannon’s blog will be“Tuesday-Newsday” which is a selection of news articles about specific pain conditions. Shannon’s goal is to post at least twice a week ( pain permitting, of course) on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please join her!

I was very impressed with the research on this blog and up to date medical information. Shannon has a very positive and honest voice about her own condition, and is a pleasure to read.

I’d really and truly love to read your comments, as would the bloggers!


Your Friend,


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