Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When I wrote the first few words in the title “How Chronic Pain Affects Family”, an immediate lump came to my throat. I decided to add the second part..”The Emotions of It All” because the last 20 plus years for me living with fibromyalgia has been nothing less than an emotional roller coaster for each member of my little family unit. It has indirectly affected my other family members as well, but there is nothing that can compare to the dynamics that exist in day to day living as a family.

My children have always been there for me, and I for them, but at the same time I have always felt like my illness has robbed them of something, particularly time and activity with their mom. I did my best to make the school plays, and parent-teacher conferences. I baked and staffed the bake sales, and even volunteered a few times as a room mother. Alas there were those times when the pain was so bad or a migraine prevented my participation. To outsiders, who could not “see” anything wrong with their mom, I was quite the flake. I am sure that took a toll on the kids, and their dad.

As the kids got older, another child came along which was a true blessing in our lives! She actually helped to bring about a healing in my body for a long period of time. My doc at the time thought it was all those great pregnancy hormones. The pain did come back with a vengeance when Rachel was about a year old. My two older kids, and mainly my oldest daughter took over and filled in where necessary with keeping the house running. Over the years we have done our best to substitute the time with activity that I am able to do. They played games and cards on my bed with me, and we got very good at cooking and baking together with me sitting on stool in our kitchen. I am afraid my son, the middle child was robbed the most, and I am still working on mending that wound. [click to continue…]