I’ve always known that sugar and refined processed carbohydrates were my worst enemy yet seemed like a   best friend and comfort so many times. I’ve never felt my best, or even anywhere close when including these foods in my diet, yet they seem to make me happy,  if only fleeting. I have eliminated sugar many times in my life, only to have amazing results. The problem is that sugar and refined processed carbohydrates are part an internal addiction that’s extremely hard to break.. Balancing blood sugar, and eliminating the cravings for sugar and refined processed carbohydrates, has changed my health in a major way.

These carbohydrates include:

  • cookies, cake & pie etc.
  • bagels
  • breads
  • cereals
  • muffins, crackers and my favorite chips
  • ice cream, shakes etc.
  • sodas, juices, candies, etc.

It’s not like this is new information, and it’s all around us which makes eliminating sugar very hard. Refined processed carbohydrates such as the ones listed here will sabotage your weight loss by causing big blood sugar swings and spiking your insulin, which in turn signals your body to store them as fat.Toxins are stored in the fat cells. This is why migraines, arthritis and fibromyalgia is so common in people who are overweight.

In addition, eating these refined processed carbohydrates will actually cause you to want more of these bad carbohydrates and increase the overall amount of food that you eat. It’s like an addiction. I don’t know about you, but eating sugar, usually leads to eating more!

“Whole Grain” products much of the time are suspect. Refined flour is the first ingredient listed in a lot of these whole grain products. This refined flour will still spike your blood sugar and create an insulin surge. A bodily reaction that is counter to weight loss. Wheat is used in most of these products, and a sensitivity for more and more people. Better to just avoid it.

What happens if you keep these refined processed carbohydrates?

A higher incidence of diabetes.

If you were to ask 25.8 million diabetic Americans about their diet,  it’s almost always including a a lot of refined processed carbohydrates.

So how will your body change if you Kick the Sugar Habit?

1. Your weight will begin to go down. Sugar and refined processed carbohydrates, make you crave more, the more you eat them. It becomes like an addiction that you can’t stop. But, once you do cleanse the initial craving and high amounts of sugar, you will begin to lose weight, and see many health benefits through a more balanced, even blood sugar.

2. If your your colon becomes sluggish, and your digestion is not running smooth, eliminating all these refined carbohydrates and sugar will make a huge difference.! Sugar is very bad for the intestinal lining. Think of it this way. What does your body process more efficiently, an apple and some almond butter, or a corn dog, fries and a big coke? Enough said

3. Your cravings for sugar and carbs build on each other, like a real true addiction! The more you eat, the more you want! To complicate that, fungus that lives inside your body, thrives on sugar, so you may feel like eating it, even when your wondering why!! Making the commitment to eliminate sugar will eventually starve the Candida Beast.  Read this if you’d like to learn more about Leaky Gut.

4. You’ll see a big change in autoimmune symptoms, like pain, headaches,  breathing problems and skin issues. Your skin is prone to inflammatory issues, like eczema, psoriasis etc, caused by inflammation going on inside.

If you are struggling to feel better and lose weight, despite working out, and doing things right, then make these dietary changes to see lasting success.

  1. Focus your carbohydrate intake on whole foods, especially vegetables. Combine this with a high protein diet (especially grass-fed meats and range free eggs and dairy), and watch the weight drop of
  2.   If it comes in a PACKAGE, try to leave it alone. If it came from the ground, a plant or animal, it’s probably good
  3.  If you are going to eat grains at all, then focus on spouted grains as a part of your diet. However, the bulk of your carbohydrate intake should include green vegetables, dark-skinned fruits and berries. Avoid large amounts of fruit juices. Natural sugar is concentrated in them.
  4. Healthy fats are a great way to replace processed carbohydrates in your diet. These healthy fats include grass-fed meats and dairy, avocados, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts and almond butter. Peanuts are actually a legume, so moderation is best, although not the worst thing. These healthy fats and proteins will do a better job of satisfying your hunger while keeping blood sugar and insulin levels in check.

I have found a simple tool that makes a big difference in taming the sugar monster. Visit my facebook page  and read my story.


I am extremely excited to talk about my featured blog of the week, Oh My Aches and Pains! Selena, its  author shines as a strong woman with a very sensitive and witty tone, that warms and informs! Selena knows pain all too well, as not only a leukemia cancer survivor, but all the residual issues that ensued as a result. You can read all about it on her about page here. You can find lots of great posts about living with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue as well as Hepatitis C, dysautonomia, diabetes, and other aspects of chronic illness. Oh My Aches and Pains! is a pleasure to visit and read each time I am there, and I know you’ll find warmth and comfort as well as education from this delightful blog.

In addition to stories that relate to many subjects, you can find resources for living, and support; very key to daily success with a chronic condition.

One of the reasons I featured Oh My Aches and Pains this particular week, is to direct you to an important, very personal yet thought provoking post  entitled “:

Beyond Pink Ribbons:
What I Did Yesterday To Prevent Breast Cancer

Selena talks very candidly about medical testing, and providing vital information for medical science to advance to help find cures for cancers.

It’s so interesting to me that this is the week I scheduled a mammogram! Here I go to read Selena’s blog and what does she discuss? The importance of yearly mammograms and an organization called The Athena Breast Health Network Their website reads:  “We are women, physicians, and researchers building a more personalized solution for breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. Your story holds the cure.”

I hope you enjoy this great Featured Blog of The Week and connect with Selena on Twitter and Facebook as well!