This is a republish of an article I wrote in 2011. I found it VERY interesting to look back on how I was feeling then. I have come so far. My stomach was killing me almost all the time then. I could hardly eat, yet I was carrying significant weight. part 2 of this Digestive Connection to Fibromyalgia is on its way……

If you have CFS or fibromyalgia, chances are pretty good that your diet or digestion has played a role in how you feel.  It may seem obvious, but  managing pain, fatigue, digestive issues, headaches and even depression have a direct corolation to refined carbohydrates, fats, chemicals, protein sources, sufficient vegetables and fruits and more.  Even the timing of when you eat, how much you eat or don’t eat will have a huge affect on how we feel. These are all things we’ve known for some time. What I did not realize was how intertwined the digestive connection is to fibromyalgia management, depression and seratonin levels, stress, and colon motility.

I found this out the good old fashioned way…by experience! The last few weeks I’ve been through “the mill” of testing with both medical doctors, and holistic practitioners, in hopes of figuring out why the terrible pain I’ve been having on the right side of my abdomen and in my ribs for months now, could be connected to this bigger picture called Fibromyalgia, or if I have something else going on. When you have FM, sometimes there are so many issues going on with your body, that it’s difficult to separate what’s connected to your condition, and what’s totally unrelated. I must say I was reluctant to “bug” my doctor, because l wanted to be sure this was real, worth investigating and shining a light on. [click to continue…]


When you have Fibro and Chronic Pain  like we do, you’re always in search of inspiration and resources right? Felicia is someone who took her “illness” on with an attitude of self empowerment that I related to immediately. We always have a CHOICE each moment as to how we are going to respond, react and deal with what life is handing us, and that especially goes for being in PAIN.

I love what Felicia says on her blog :

“Giving up on the joys of life is simply not an option that I see. I have found it somewhat hard to find first hand accounts about fibromyalgia that are positive in nature. Sure, there are some articles out there in Fibromyalgia Aware (was later discontinued) and Arthritis Today, but I like the instant gratification of online info. I hope you will find the personal accounts, tips and information that I share to be positive and helpful.

Although my main focus is to help others with fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions, I also hope to raise awareness. The more awareness there is, the more understanding and empathy from others, research and solutions will come. I have seen the impact on these in the last decade and it gives me great hope for what the future will hold! So, join me on my quest to live a happy, successful life with minimal pain!”

This is exactly how I hope to help you as well. I want to bring awareness, but empower you to seek out the truth, and fierce zest for life, even if we do have fibromyalgia!

I LOVE this about FeliciaFibro, and want to thank her for her tireless efforts to inform us, and provide resources to the Arthritis and Chronic communities..Spoonies Unite!!

Make sure you go and check out this amazing blog, and take advantage of all Felicia has to share.

We Love You Felicia!


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I am extremely excited to talk about my featured blog of the week, Oh My Aches and Pains! Selena, its  author shines as a strong woman with a very sensitive and witty tone, that warms and informs! Selena knows pain all too well, as not only a leukemia cancer survivor, but all the residual issues that ensued as a result. You can read all about it on her about page here. You can find lots of great posts about living with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue as well as Hepatitis C, dysautonomia, diabetes, and other aspects of chronic illness. Oh My Aches and Pains! is a pleasure to visit and read each time I am there, and I know you’ll find warmth and comfort as well as education from this delightful blog.

In addition to stories that relate to many subjects, you can find resources for living, and support; very key to daily success with a chronic condition.

One of the reasons I featured Oh My Aches and Pains this particular week, is to direct you to an important, very personal yet thought provoking post  entitled “:

Beyond Pink Ribbons:
What I Did Yesterday To Prevent Breast Cancer

Selena talks very candidly about medical testing, and providing vital information for medical science to advance to help find cures for cancers.

It’s so interesting to me that this is the week I scheduled a mammogram! Here I go to read Selena’s blog and what does she discuss? The importance of yearly mammograms and an organization called The Athena Breast Health Network Their website reads:  “We are women, physicians, and researchers building a more personalized solution for breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. Your story holds the cure.”

I hope you enjoy this great Featured Blog of The Week and connect with Selena on Twitter and Facebook as well!


It’s been a bit of a breakthrough and a relief, to be living my life transparently. It can be quite a burden to carry, almost like living a double life, which goes way back. I can remember being told years ago that I had a double edged sword to deal with, as I looked perfectly normal to everyone, yet had a myriad of issues going on inside. This is usually the case with autoimmune conditions. The MS society had an actual t-shirt that said “But You Look So Good!”

At the time I got sick to begin with I was in control of my entire world, or so I thought. Maintaining a handle on everything around me as young mothers do, to any degree, even if I was only lying to myself, meant that I would not lose “me”.  Only those very close to me knew the truth.  As I grew in the business arena I was afraid that if people knew my frailties and imperfections, they would lose confidence in my leadership ability, my competence and my strength. It takes a ton of energy and strength to maintain the illusion of being “ok” . It’s actually made me sicker, more stressed, more depressed and fatigued to keep it up!

I know now that all of that does not matter. It is far more important to me to be ALL of who I really and truly am, and expose myself authentically, no matter what that looks like. To me, if a friend is withholding a large portion of themselves in fear of letting you down, they are already letting you down, because they are being inauthentic, disingenuous, and incomplete. If they leave you because they cannot handle it or they think less of you, maybe you should question if they are your friend to begin with or, what their motives are in your life. Wouldn’t your friends want you to be as well as you could possibly be?  [click to continue…]


After  ignoring my body for so many months, the tender stretches I performed this morning while doing my third day of Yoga practice, brought me to tears. I knew I had positively reconnected with the will to get well, and the will to love my body again. Although I have a very long way to go, I am feeling better and better every day. The nutritional changes that I have made are making a difference in such a way that I have lost my desire to consume the things that don’t serve and nurture my body.

Do you know what it’s like to completely disconnect from your body because you are so angry at it? This is very common for people with a chronic condition. Our body becomes a “thing” for a time, and we want to almost rebel against it, because it’s done us so wrong! Some of us punish our bodies and continue to do the things that are completely contrary to getting well, because we’re so disgusted with years, and years, and years of the same old, same old…what does it matter after all? Of course that totally faulty thinking, as every fibromyalgia or autoimmune patient knows.Many patients are compliant from day 1, and I envy their patience!  [click to continue…]


I am beginning to feel the warm shine and embrace of happiness again. I have not been able to say that for many months. I feel true DESIRE for something positive for the first time in a long time. I want to LIVE, and I want to be WELL. It feels so good to feel a creative spark of any kind right now. Be it little, I am grateful for any feelings of desire to take care of myself and feel deserving of a healthy, happy life again!

The relentless chronic pain of Fibromyalgia and its accompanying depression can take you down into a dark hole. It’s one that you feel like you might not have the strength to ever climb out of.. ever. (most days). After all I have been through since 1988,  I never thought I would get back here, but I did. Over the years, life has been a series of many more good days than bad days, and for that I am eternally grateful to God. I took control of this nasty condition early on, and learned to manage it through the mind-body connection coupled with a host of trial and error natural and traditional methodologies.

I was on the best run of feeling really well for 4 years straight from January 2007 to Fall 2010, and thought I had “turned a corner”. I had found the things that helped me feel better, and the things that I needed to avoid. I still fought with migraine headaches, and a few not so good days, but for the most part I was a completely different person compared to the woman who was walking with a cane in the early 90’s,  and being shown a very bleak future by doctors. [click to continue…]

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